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Pool Cleaning: 7 Signs Your Memphis Pool Needs A Deep Clean

Pool Cleaning: 7 Signs Your Memphis Pool Needs A Deep Clean

Weekly pool maintenance service and proper pool cleaning is very important for your Memphis area swimming pool.

Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool. Cleaning a pool properly can be time-consuming and often requires specialized tools that most pool owners don’t keep on hand. In addition, certain signs in a swimming pool may suggest a problem beyond just needing to be cleaned. Irregular water chemistry can result in an abnormal color in your pool and can also harm equipment such as filters, heaters, and other mechanical components. Proper maintenance of pool water is essential for both safety and longevity, as well as its aesthetic appeal. Routine maintenance and a weekly pool service is necessary to maintain the value of the investment.

So, let’s take a deep dive at some of the more common signs that suggest your Memphis pool needs a deep clean by a professional pool company.

green water cloudy-water luxury pool memphis ogden poolsCloudy, Murky, or Green Pool Water

Your gunite or concrete pools water quality is critical to the health of your pool and the safety of those swimming. If you notice a greenish tint to your pool water, it is a clear indication that it requires a thorough cleaning. The green color is typically caused by the growth of algae. The presence of algae in a pool can result in a brown-yellowish color, indicating unsuitable conditions for swimming. Even a slight discoloration of pool water can lead to contamination and damage to pool equipment, thus requiring a thorough cleaning.

Cloudy water may be caused by various factors such as lack of sunlight, heavy rainfall, chemical imbalances, or issues with the pool filter. A pool technician from Ogden Pools is capable of identifying the cause of your cloudy pool water and treating it so you can avoid future occurrences.

Foul or Unpleasant Odors

For pools in the greater Memphis area, if you notice a musty, strong, or chlorine-like odor, this is an indication that your pool needs a deep clean and the water quality has been compromised. Bacteria, algae, and other contaminants can cause the water to become stagnant, leading to a build-up of unpleasant odors.

If your pool has an odor, it’s essential to get it checked out by a professional before any problems arise. In addition, the presence of foul odors can also signify inadequate circulation of your pool’s water, which can lead algae buildup.

algae growth memphis pool water ogden poolsPlant or Algae Growth

It is easy to notice when a pool has transformed into a garden. Under certain conditions, pools may experience an increase in plant and algae growth. This occurs frequently following heavy rain or when runoff water enters your pool, introducing foreign substances into the water.

This can happen when a pool is not maintained correctly or treated with appropriate chemicals. Properly maintaining pool chemicals prevents the growth of plants and algae. In some cases, an excessive growth of plants in a pool may require complete drainage, cleaning, and refilling.

Increasing Amount of Insects or Other Pests

If the water in your pool is not properly balanced and there is a buildup of residue such as algae, unwanted insects and pests may become a problem, even if you did not intentionally invite them. It is advised to have a professional clean your pool and to regularly check the water chemistry.

Pools that are not properly maintained can serve as habitats for various small organisms, such as mosquito larvae and water beetles. Swimming in a pool with anything moving in the water is not recommended. Instead, you should give us a call immediately and we can help you resolve these issues.

Itchy or Irritated Eyes and Skin

Eye irritation and itchy skin are two of the top signs that your Memphis pool needs a deep clean.

When a pool is not properly maintained, alkalinity, pH and chlorine can be imbalanced causing bacteria growth in the water. This can cause swimmers to experience redness and itching of the eyes, itchy skin, and even respiratory issues such as coughing.

If you are swimming in a Memphis pool that needs more than a quick clean, there can be some noticeable signs of eye irritation or itchy skin. When the water is not properly sanitized, it can cause your eyes to become red and irritated due to bacteria and other microbes that are present in the water. Additionally, itchy skin can occur as a result of exposure to contaminants in the pool.

Scale, Surface Stains, or Calcium Deposits

pool scale calcium buildup memphis poolsPool scale and surface stains can appear in almost any type of pool, including gunite, fiberglass or vinyl liner pools. Scale formation and staining are caused by the presence of imbalanced pH, alkalinity, hardness and/or minerals in your pool water.

Scale buildup is calcium carbonate that solidifies on pool walls and surfaces requiring a thorough pool cleaning service.

It’s usually white or tan in color with a rough or gritty texture. Scale build up can be caused by chemically imbalanced pool water, particularly from having water with imbalanced hardness, pH and/or alkalinity.

Additionally, it’s very dangerous to swim in a pool that has a lot of calcium / scale buildup. If you suspect your Memphis pool has this issue, you should contact our team immediately and we will help you resolve this issue.

bubbles foam pool surface memphis pool ogden poolsBubbles or Foam on the Pools Surface

Do you notice bubbles forming on the pool surface? Do you see foam gathering along the water’s edge?

The presence of bubbles or foam in a pool can be attributed to various factors, including a clogged filter, bacteria growth, organic debris (skin) or contaminants such as sunscreen. It is advisable to assess the water chemistry as the appearance of bubbles may also indicate an imbalance of pH, alkalinity, chlorine, and hardness.

The presence of a thin, white or off-white foam gathering in a pool corner suggests a high level of organic matter in the pool water. At the shoreline of natural bodies of water such as lakes or the ocean, a similar, yellowish material often collects for the same reason. This is the accumulation of insoluble organic debris pushed to the edges or shore by the natural movement or flow of the water.

In swimming pools, the source of the organic debris comes mainly from human bathers or swimmers (skin, hair, sweat, etc.) and the products they often carry into the pool unintentionally (suntan oils, moisturizers, hair treatments, etc.).

Alternatively, animal material (e.g. insects, etc.) or plant matter (leaves, fronds, spores, etc.) is another source of organic debris in pools. The build-up is most common in water that experiences heavy bather use, has not been changed out for a while, or when there is insufficient water filtration or water circulation.

Why do most luxury pool owners rely on experts for their weekly pool maintenance service? Here’s 7 reasons why.

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You can count on the pool technicians at Ogden Pools to provide a beautifully clean pool that is maintained properly so you can spend more time enjoying your pool instead of wasting time keeping the clean and clear.


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